Our technological capabilities

Computer Vision and Visual Machine Learning

In order to build Visage Cloud, our face recognition and smart surveillance solution, visual machine learning was at the core of our research. With real-time notifications and face detection and recognition, security staff can take quicker, informed decisions, boosting their overall efficiency with the help of our security and surveillance solution.

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Natural Language Processing

A machine finds it more difficult to generate a text that conveys emotion as well as an actual writer. However, Natural Language Processing has advanced within machine learning and while it can not yet convey emotion, it can correct your spelling, accurately translate chunks of text, or even detect patterns to predict a certain type of human behavior or feeling.

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Forecasting, Scoring, and Diagnostics

With the continuous development of IoT Apps, comes a great level of information and data. Machine learning brings the possibility of a more complex contextual analysis to the table, adding in details such as environmental factors and climate changes, for instance, in the
case of crop management. Through solutions like enten , our team managed to put the data to use by turning field measurements into actionable insights. This helps farmers with the management of pests and pest diseases, thus greatly increasing their chances for a better harvest.

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Business Process Machine Learning (BPML )

When having multiple client applications (for credit, mortgage or even for a job) machine learning algorithms will use previous similar case history to sort them out and determine which are the ones with the highest possibility of success. This helps employees take the best decisions by prioritizing the most relevant cases and offering suggestions of the most likely outcomes.

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